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January 8th - 12th 2024


5 days


This course is designed for participants who have completed the foundational curriculum of “The Portrait Course". As an advanced class, it aims to built on that foundation, “deep dive” into complexities of realistic painting and drawing. The main goal is to advance experienced participants with new tools to approach the portrait from life. Students will work from life every day with the model.

The course begins with developing a structure, through drawing, for your painted portrait. A reduced-contrast setup with the live model forces the artist to imply form with other methods than simple tone, so with a view to this artists receive lectures on using hue (colour) & chroma (colour intensity) to imply form. A detailed breakdown of the advanced “Zen” palette, with a wider selection of pigments is used in this regard to great effect.

Students are introduced to a much more elaborate palette, incorporating new pigments. They will learn how to incorporate warm blues into their portrait, seamlessly integrating these cool colours into their flesh tones. Studies from the artwork of William-Adolphe Bouguereau will serve as instructional vocabularies throughout the week. His work, famous for their integration of warm and cool hues, low-colour intensities and perfectly designed drawing will encourage students to refine their portrait from life using the same techniques.

To ensure a balanced learning experience, the course schedule dedicates significant time to both theory and practice. Morning sessions will involve two hours of theoretical learning and drawing/painting instruction. In the afternoon, participants will engage intensively for three hours, working directly with live models.

At the core of this course is the development of participants' ability to create well designed and interesting portraits of live sitters, using the advanced techniques of one of the great masters of Europe. We afford students the ability to create works which are unique, skilful and broaden their knowledge and ability. This is achieved through studies of great works, demonstrations, diagrams, working directly from life and detailed dissemination of techniques.

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Paint Brushes


  • 1 HB pencil

  • 2 2B pencils

  • 1 sharpener

  • Sheet of tracing paper, A4 size. 

  • One 10x12 canvas board.

  • 75ml Bottle of Windsor Newton Liquin

  • One tube of Burnt Umber or Raw Umber acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, white (any brand, any quality, small size)

  • Small bottle of odourless solvents.

  • Oil Paints - Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Colours or Windsor Newton Oil Colour (must include Oxide Light Red, raw Umber, Burnt Umber,  Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Ivory black, Yellow ochre, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue) 75ml/37ml

  • 1 pack of baby wipes

  • One pad of paper tear-away palettes (or if you prefer a plastic/wooden palette, just remember to keep it clean)

  • Artist brushes of good quality or long handled cat's tongue brushes sizes 2-12. 

  • (Long handle if possible)


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