Study in the traditions of the old masters, comfortably in your home.

The Scottish School of Classical Art offers supported study via online resources and guidance from a tutor. Differentiating ourselves in this from other schools in that your tutor will be on hand whenever you are in need of tutorials, critique and advice. Our online program provides the student with masterful instruction and structured learning, this being essential for establishing a strong foundation of skill.

As is the style of tuition at SSCA, every student chooses their own study avenue and each consists of a series of carefully designed exercises. Each exercise progresses in difficulty, generalised to specific, growing in complexity.  You, as the student, submit your work periodically for review in a step by step process, supplemented with extra assignments to hone your skills. Your work will be reviewed by a member of the faculty via online conversation through WhatsApp.

The more studies you complete, the more techniques you will learn and the higher a level of skill you will develop. We start with an introductory class of about an hour on Zoom. This acts as an initial meet, details light logic and materials, after which we will attempt your study in your chosen subject. The study loosely consists of three stages in painting; underpainting, first stage painting and second stage painting. In drawing these stages are block in, the construct, the shadow shapes, the articulation, the fall of light, the big form modelling, variations in the darks and the rendering of the lights.

In order to critique your work, you must send a clear picture of your study and your reference together, we will review and critique through our online conversation.

With a rolling subscription month to month, the more works you'll study and the more knowledge you gain, you will achieve a confidence and ability you wouldn't have believed possible. How to represent effectively in paint is only a matter of knowledge and experience, through your course with SSCA you'll gain a large amount of both, depending on how much you dedicate to your studies.



£95 per month

  • Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced instruction for oil painting and drawing.

  • Downloadable PDF books to accompany every area of study

  • Lesson assignments and grading feedback from your chosen instructor to help you stay the course in your studies

  • Access to the growing student community group

Painting Studio


Choose your masterwork to study and remake it, using similar techniques and methods. Use these to inform your own creative works, developing and honing your skills whilst broadening your knowledge. Guided, expertly, by your instructor.

You will be provided with your instructor’s contact details and have an ongoing dialogue throughout your studies. This contact is primarily through WhatsApp, for ease of sharing tutorial videos, assessment photos and messages.

You choose your masterwork to study, this can be from any artist, any era, any genre, any painting or drawing, modern or historical. Your choice of effective study will be guided by your instructor.

Your personal choice of study - the masterwork - is broken down into it’s component stages by your instructor. 

You will be provided with guidance in how to approach every stage.

You will be provided with detailed references, each reference representative of how your study should look at the end of each stage.

Depending on your chosen area of study, you will be supplemented with extra assignments and study materials. This is to hone your skills and develop your knowledge.

You will have personal contact with your instructor throughout your studies, able to ask for critique at any time.

Painting Class


You must take a clear picture of both your work and the reference in the same frame, see examples above.

Once you have sent in your work, your instructor will provide you with a concise list of instructions in how to improve your study.

Upon completion of your initial study, you will be provided with a certificate signed by your instructor.

Having mastered the fundamentals, students progressively move to more complex studies concerning their chosen study avenue. Your instructor will add more of a diverse range of materials and approaches progressively.

Paint Brushes


You must have a smart phone with a camera of passable quality.

You must have space to work in, with good lighting, preferably with lighting cool in temperature.

This space must remain constant in it’s lighting set-up.

You must have a computer capable of receiving emails and watching videos.

You must have access to video-calling software, wether this be via your phone or your computer.

You must have a way to view references. You can be provided with suitable references via print order or you must have a tablet, or screen large enough to work from to work from (10 inches or larger)

You must have an easel or suitable equipment to hold your work whilst you study.

You must obtain all the materials your instructor deems necessary to complete your work.



Developing an appropriate set up, learning new processes and approaches to study takes effort, dedication and open-mindedness. SSCA reserves the right to refuse students who do not demonstrate these qualities in their approach.