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Core Program: Video

Course Duration:
Nine semesters over three years.
(Each semester is three months)
Tuition cost:
£ 1,500 per semester
Five days per week:
Monday - Friday
10 am - 1 pm
2pm - 5 pm
Three days per week:
One to two days per week:
(Can be split into three equal monthly payments)


The core program provides a personalized approach to art education. Our goal is to nurture a love of art, cultivate creativity in student work, and foster technical expertise. To achieve these objectives, we encourage students to design their own academic projects within the program's parameters.

Instructors at SSCA prioritize teaching the materials and techniques of art-making, rather than dictating creative outcomes. We aim to equip all students with the foundational skills to express themselves artistically and to prepare them for professional careers in the arts by imparting technical proficiency and a deep understanding of what it takes to be creative professionally. To succeed at SSCA, students must combine academic studies with personal creative projects, recognizing that results reflect dedication and effort.

Over three years, SSCA students will learn the fundamental concepts and practices of realistic painting and drawing through working from life and progressively complex studies. Each completed study offers the opportunity to learn the function and benefit of solving specific problems through exercises, leading to mastery of tools and methods.


Core Program: Programs
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