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Michael J. Doherty founded the Scottish School of Classical art in 2018 with a handful of students in a small studio in the East End of Glasgow. Michael chose Glasgow to surround them with some of the most beautiful artwork and architecture in Britain. This regular encounter with beauty naturally influences student’s working ethos. They look to the examples of the past to learn the language of classical painting and drawing, and take it on themselves to develop a working knowledge of how the masters created their lasting works. Today the school operates from a building owned by a charity in the heart of Glasgow, a short walk from Glasgow Green, the Clyde river and Alexandra Park. The studio occupies a large portion of the building. The rustic space, abundant in natural light, has been transformed into a space for realism: 8 spaces for students to work, a life model station and cast-work cubicles. The studio has plans to expand it’s reach and extend even further to accommodate more students in 2022.

The Scottish School of Classical Art enjoys a fantastic student and alumni community, we regularly hold student gatherings and celebratory evenings with our community from every course and workshop. The community supports our goal of reviving the skills and traditions of the old masters, without the students and supporters we could not run the studio and it’s the school’s great joy to host them. 

Community: Student Life
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