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Anatomy for the Artist


WINTER COURSE 2023 NOVEMBER 6TH-17TH Monday - Friday During the Anatomy for the Artist course at our institution, we provide students with new methods for comprehending the structures of the human body. Our emphasis on drawing from life necessitates a thorough and rigorous approach to the study of anatomy. In order to facilitate understanding and efficient representation of the complex forms of the figure, we aim to impart new ways of simplifying them. The principal objective of our anatomy curriculum is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the skeletal framework and the precise ratios and planes of the human form. Our pedagogical approach is focused on cultivating an awareness of the fundamental constructional landmarks and the acquisition of a 3d perception of each anatomical structure. To this end, our program comprises of a series of key investigations, such as the three-dimensional projection of the skeletal system, the cranium, the thoracic cavity and vertebral column, the pelvic girdle, the major articulations (i.e., elbow/knee), the appendages (i.e., hands/feet), and the muscles of the cephalic and cervical reg MATERIALS LIST: A2 DRAWING PAPER - WHITE PACK OF 10 STADLER 2B PENCILS ARTISTS GUM RUBBER


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Artistic Anatomy


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