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Jun 17, 2024 - Jun 21, 2024

Painting the Figure from the Live Model


5 Days, 1pm - 4pm Painting the human figure, being one of the most intellectually and technically challenging tasks at SSCA, is central to the development of any successful realist artist. In this course, students will create an oil painting directly from observing a live model over five sessions. Emphasis will be on accurately representing anatomy, understanding light and shadow through a "shadow map," maintaining realistic proportions, capturing subtle form variations, and mastering edge quality. Additionally, students will learn about gesture, structure, balance, and weight, while creating a lifelike impression of light on the figure. Students will work with the flesh palette used in the core program and gain familiarity with using oils for depicting living subjects. The constructive method, supplemented by sight-size, will guide students from preliminary drawing to fully resolved painting. Individual critiques will be provided, ensuring students experience the complete process of creating an oil painting in a realist style.


Single Payment
£150 for two months


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