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Any 10 Afternoons, Tuesday-Thursday £380, 1-4 PM The SSCA program utilizes the Riley Method as a foundation for students to develop their abilities in creating rhythmic and gestural figure drawings with a high level of realism and accuracy. This method not only focuses on outline, but also incorporates elements of anatomy and the figure in motion, resulting in a dynamic and naturalistic representation of the human form. In the initial stages of the drawing process, students employ a technique referred to as "mannequinizing," which involves placing the main volumes of the human body and connecting them with rhythms. This is followed by the precise application of more detailed and expressive features, such as tone and shadow mapping, as well as the use of descriptive shapes to bring the drawing to a fully rendered state. Throughout the course, students progress from simple structures and outlines to a deeper understanding of anatomy, enabling them to create realistic proportions and a sense of weight and balance in their drawings. They also learn about edge quality, group light and shadow families, and the implication of form through the use of these techniques. The program provides students with an introduction to the academic method of figure drawing, and includes lectures on specific aspects of human anatomy. For a full course breakdown, please click here:


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