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The academic drawing process at SSCA, condensed over five days. The pedagogical techniques employed by artistic masters of the past have endured over centuries and continue to serve as a cornerstone of training for contemporary artists of varying levels of proficiency. The Charles Bargue Drawing Course, developed during the mid 19th century, has played a critical role in fine art instruction as a foundational exercise aimed at honing the essential skills of shape replication, form, edge quality, values or tones, line weight and design among a host of others. This step-by-step approach has enabled practitioners to develop their drawing abilities and cultivate a disciplined and nuanced technique. As such, the Bargue method remains a crucial tool for aspiring artists seeking to refine their craft and achieve mastery in the realm of visual art. Learn a condensed version of this process over five days with a flexbile start date - once you have booked your place, please send an email to confirm your start date.


Single Payment
£140p/m for 2 months


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