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Drawing the Portrait from Life

Jun 29, 2024 - Jun 29, 2024


June 29th 10AM-4PM £95 Learn the academic drawing process for portraiture and gain an introduction to the studio. Students will work for three hours from the model, create a drawing from life, and learn the intricate concepts of classical portraiture. In the morning, there will be a two-hour session focused on these skills. Regardless of prior experience, students will refine and elevate their ability to work from life, expanding their artistic repertoire. The knowledge and skills acquired throughout this course are transferable to any aspect of artistic endeavor. To facilitate accurate proportions and measurements, students will employ the sight-size method, alongside additional drawing techniques such as Riley and Loomis. Individualized critique will be provided, ensuring that students of all proficiency levels feel welcomed and supported throughout the course. Aside from the structured class, students will join a community of artists for the day. They will enjoy a group lunch at St. Luke’s Bar and socialize at a celebration after the workshop.




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