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The Portrait Course -​ Summer July 29-August 2nd


This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the practice of realistic painting and drawing. Its principal objective is to acquaint students with the principles and techniques essential to achieve lifelike representations of subjects. Through a meticulous disemination of the SSCA method, students will gain a profound understanding of the school’s process. The course commences with a thorough, technical demonstration, meticulously addressing the intricacies of color mixing, palette structure, and medium use. Students will then engage in hands-on practice, employing these techniques to create paintings based on live models. The course structure allocates dedicated time to theory and drawing, with two hours dedicated to these activities in the morning. In the afternoon, students will devote three hours to working directly with live models. A crucial aspect of the course is the cultivation of students' ability to accurately portray three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface. Through the creation of realistic portraits from life, students will create a diverse range of hues from a limited palette, discovering their harmonious interplay and mastering the construction of three-dimensional anatomical forms on a two-dimensional surface.


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Portrait Course


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