Via submit the following details:

    • Artist name

    • Phone number

    • Confirmation of payment (YES/NO) - bank transfer or PayPal

    • Title

    • Medium

    • JPEG or JPG image depicting full work not exceeding 3Mb, image should not reveal the artist’s signature [check with your email provider whether there any mailbox size restrictions] Execute total payment for the number submitted works either by bank transfer  or via PayPal (<PayPal ID>

    • Unframed dimensions

  • Following receipt of their submission, the submitting artist will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt email 

  • Note:

    • Selection will be based entirely upon the submitted image(s), artists should therefore endeavour to ensure that their images are of adequate quality and clarity.

    • The organisers reserve the right to reject a submitted work for which the above details that are not optional have not been provided.

  • Submissions will not be able to be able to be amended once made, but can be withdrawn by emailing us at It should be noted that entry fees cannot be refunded once paid.